Financial Provision for Children


Maintenance for children was taken out of the hands of the Courts in 1991 and since then has been entirely the remit of the Child Support Agency. The only exception is where maintenance for children has been agreed on a voluntary basis and included as a term of an Order concluding all the Financial Arrangements between the parties. The basis of child support is child 15% of net salary for 1 child, 20% for 2 children and 25% for 3 children. There are certain exceptions to these rates, in particular a reduction for the number of nights per week that a child spends with the absent parent.


Schedule One of the Children Act 1989

Upon separation, the parent with whom the children will live can apply to the Court for the provision of housing for the child’s minority. Applications are most appropriate where the parties are former co-habitees whose family home is in the sole name of the ‘non-caring’ parent. The caring parent can also apply for a lump sum payment for a specific requirement of the child or children.

The overriding principle of the courts at all times is that 'the children's interests are paramount.'

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