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Fees and Charges
Hourly Charges For 2005 (excluding VAT) for:
Ursula Bagnall (Sole Principle)

Rates vary depending on:-
1) The complexity and difficulty of the case in question.
2) The location of the court.
3) Whether the proceedings are in the County Court or the High Court.
4) whether Ursula Bagnall is representing the client at court as opposed to instructing Counsil.
The urgency of the work undertaken.

It is our custom to discuss and agree a suitable rate of charges at the outset of each case and charges must be agreed in advance, as set out above and in the Terms and Conditions section of this document.

It will always be our aim to achieve a satisfactory completion of a clients case with the maximum efficiency coupled with the minimum cost to the client.

Where possible, a client is provided with an estimate (in advance) of the approximate cost of carrying out their work. Clients will be advised, if the provided estimate is likely to be exceeded before the work is completed.

Where fixed or capped fees are available, a client will be advised before work commences.

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