Funding your case


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Everyone hears horror stories about the costs incurred by other people, especially celebrities in their divorce. It is true that funding Solicitors fees is a major problem for many people, especially as only certain larger firms are now licensed to offer Legal Aid. However, where there will be a capital settlement, some Solicitors may be prepared to accept that payment will not be made in full until the end of the case.

Ursula Bagnall offers an initial interview either on the telephone or in person, during which she will discuss funding options, the case generally and give initial advice as to the way forward, and the best means of achieving a speedy, cost effective settlement of all issues.

At your first meeting she will advise you on the anticipated level of fees for your case and the options available to you for funding. She will confirm this to you in her retainer letter, which you will be asked to sign.

All clients worry about the cost of a case, and we understand your concern and do our best to keep costs proportionate to the assets in dispute and to the value of the outcome we aim to achieve. You should not allow worry about how to meet the costs put you off obtaining advice.

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-Forward thinking
-Years of experience
-Value for money