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Over 20 years experience as a Family Lawyer, enables Ursula Bagnall to guide clients suffering the trauma of marital or relationship breakdown with a sensitive yet constructive approach. During her career, Ursula has been instructed in every type of Family case, from heartrending problems over abandoned, abused or difficult children to the bitterest disputes over substantial wealth, inherited assets and family companies.


Ursula is a firm believer that a negotiated settlement achieved by constructive and conciliatory negotiation is always in the interests of all parties involved in the breakdown of a family, especially the children whose interests are paramount. Unfortunately, all too often cases can still not be resolved in this way and recourse to the Courts becomes inevitable. Here too, Ursula comes into her own; with her sound knowledge of procedure and her wealth of experience as an advocate, she can become a formidable adversary.

Career History

Ursula Bagnall qualified as a Barrister in 1976 at the early age of 21. She left the Bar soon afterwards to pursue a commercial career overseas. In Hong Kong she headed the Customer Relations Department of Cathay Pacific Airways and in Australia she worked with the International Finance Department of Baker Mckenzie, International Lawyers. She returned to the UK and from 1987 practiced for 5 years as a Barrister. After her admission as a Solicitor in 1992, she practiced Matrimonial Law on the Isle of Wight for 5 years. She then established her own practice in Totnes, Devon which she ran for 7 years before returning to the South Coast in 2003 to practice as an Independent Family Lawyer.

Current Service

Ursula now works with a team of Family lawyers in Newport Isle of Wight. She travels to the mainland regularly for Court hearings and client meetings. She has a secondary office in Lymington, where she regularly meets her clients and a meeting facility in London. She regularly instructs Family Law Barristers from London, Southampton and Bournemouth.
She is also able to provide advice on pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements and on all aspects of Family Law.