Guidance through Mediation

Mediation is now urged upon couples following the breakdown of their relationship. Mediators are trained to try and help couples reach agreement about matters such as the future arrangements for the children and how the family finances will be organised. The aim is to help them settle differences over children and money without recourse to the Courts. Sometimes a case which has started in Court will be adjourned to allow the parties to attend mediation.

As a Solicitor, Ursula Bagnall advises one party only and does not act as a Mediator because to see both parties would give rise

to a professional conflict of interests. Her role in the Mediation process is nevertheless important in (1) helping to assess the issues and give her client preliminary advice, (2) helping to ensure that the couple make an informed choice of Mediator taking account of the nature of the dispute and the complexity of the matter (3) guiding her client through the Mediation process (4) ensuring that any agreement proposed is fair and reasonable and comes within the ambit of what the Court could order if the matter were litigated.

The Mediation process aims to ease the pain of family breakdown by reducing tension and hostility between the two individuals by keeping the channels of communication open. It can also help children to see their parents working together to resolve issues and in many cases it helps the couple to make informed decisions that are right for their own circumstances. However, Mediation normally only works when the couple enters the process in a spirit of goodwill. Unfortunately, many couples leave it too long and/or become too entrenched for mediation to be successful; sometimes one of them simply cannot face ‘sitting around a table’ with the other. In such cases, Ursula believes that often it is unrealistic to try Mediation, especially where one party is particularly dominant or controlling.

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