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Premarital Agreements

Obviously everybody hopes their marriage will last a lifetime, but with marital breakdown now so prevalent in our society, adopting a realistic approach before ‘walking down the aisle’, may not only save a lot of grief and expense but may also help both parties to be realistic and prepared for the possibility that they may not be together for life.

The validity or otherwise of pre-marital agreements has long been debated by the UK Courts. A recent landmark decision of the Supreme Court in a case called Radmacher –v-Granatino (2010) has been interpreted to mean that ‘pre-nups’ are binding as long as they are ‘fair’. The obvious question arises, what is fair? As every case is different, there can be no hard and fast answer. The case has at least raised the profile of ‘pre-nups’, and confirmed that in most cases they will be enforceable and people should not be afraid to and decide ‘in the best of times’ what the outcome should be ‘in the worst of times’.

To summarise:- “Pre-nups are like a form of fire insurance – better taken out before the event rather than after it”.

At Ursula Bagnall Solicitor we are happy to discuss your financial arrangements present and future and if appropriate draft a pre-marital agreement. Some people also come to us after the big day or during the marriage due to a change in their financial circumstances and ask us for advice and if appropriate to draft a post-nuptial agreement.

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