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Terms and Conditions

Responsibility for the work - Client care

All clients are offered an effective and efficient service.
Ursula Bagnall specialises in divorce and ancillary matters, including Children and Finance.

If clients need to speak to a solicitor and one is unavailable, then messages can be left with our experienced secretaries and a qualified Solicitor will be in contact as soon as possible.

Fees ('Costs')

Costs are calculated by reference to the time spent by a Solicitor, Barrister or other Executive staff when dealing with a clients case.

The charging rate will be agreed with the client at the outset of the matter and will depend on its complexity and other factors. Please refer to the Fees and Charges section for further details.

Charges at the hourly rate will be applied for the following:-
-All meetings, excepting the first 30 minutes of the initial interview. (Either with the client or anyone else connected to the case.)
-Preparing and receiving letters, documents and telephone calls.
-Attending court with or without the client.
-Preparing instructions for the Barrister (where Ursula Bagnall is not herself representing the client in court) or any other expert to represent or advise.

Routine, i.e. reasonably short letters or telephone calls will be charge at one-tenth of the hourly rate. Longer items will be timed and charged accordingly.

Traveling and waiting is charged at half the hourly rate.

No charge for travel to the mainland is levied for first meetings with clients, where those meetings are held within the Solent area.

Clients must register their objection to the above charges and those itemised on the Fees and Charges section of this web site, before work on their case commences, otherwise their right to alter the chargeable rates will be restricted.

Should a clients case not be carried to completion for any reason, then a charge will be made in respect of the work that has already been completed on the clients behalf.

NB. Charges are reviewed at the beginning of each year and such charges will be posted as soon as possible.


VAT is not currently payable on charges to this practice. However, it is payable on some expenses and these will be paid on behalf of the clients (known as disbursements).

Payment Procedures

1- Payments on Account

It is normal to request that clients make payments on account of anticipated costs and disbursements, including Counsels fees.

It is asked that clients meet such requests promptly. If however, there is some difficulty in complying to such a request, them clients are advised to provide this information as soon as possible.
In order to avoid any difficulties over unpaid accounts, it is required that at all times, client accounts be at least £500.00 in credit.
Payments are preferred by cheque to 'Ursula Bagnall Solicitor'.
The £500.00 will be credited against a clients final bill and not against any interim bills.
Further payments may be required from time to time, in order to cover anticipated costs and disbursements, including Court fees and Counsels fees.

2- Standing Orders

Where is suits a client, it is acceptable to set up a monthly standing order towards ongoing costs. The amount of the standing order can be agreed at the initial interview or any time thereafter.

3- Bills and Costs

Requests for further payments on account will be produced at regular intervals as the case proceeds.

Failure to make requested payments, will result in the practice refusing to continue to act further and the full amount for work carried out thus far will then be invoiced to the client.

Regrettably, it will then be necessary to apply to the court for an Order to have the name of Ursula Bagnall Solicitor removed from the Court records, as she will no longer be acting on that clients behalf.
It then becomes the clients responsibility to either act for themselves or to instruct another Solicitor. For this reason and with reference to the section below, entitled - 'Termination', it is requested that every client sign a notice of Acting in Person, which will be detailed by us from the outset of the matter and will be lodged with the Court in the event that our retainer is terminated.

All outstanding payments must be made before papers and documents pertaining to the clients case are released. Any and all costs and fees incurred in respect of the removal of Ursula Bagnall's name from the Court records will be payed by the client.

NB. All accounts should be settled within 30 days. After this time interest is charged at 8%.


A client can terminate the instruction for a solicitor to act for them at any time. Any such request should be put in writing. In such cases all papers and documents will be kept until any outstanding costs are paid in full.

Ursula Bagnall will cease to act for a client if:-

1. Payment is not made on account or settled in accordance with those terms set out earlier.

2. It is the opinion of the Solicitor that they will be in breach of the rules of professional conduct.

3. The client cannot or will not provide clear instructions.

4. It is considered that there is a clear and irrevocable breakdown of trust between client and their legal representative.

Storage of Documents
All document will be returned to the client at the end of a case, subject to the terms of payment stated above. Copies of all files are kept for six years. Copies can be obtained by clients. Although a small charge will be levied for this service.

All complaints about the legal services provided by this office should be put in writing as soon as they become apparent, where they will be dealt with with extreme urgency. Should a satisfactory resolution not be possible, then the matter will be passed to another Solicitor for mediation/arbitration.

Liability to the Client
Solicitors in this practice endeavour at all times to provide legal services with care, skill and competence. However, if such services fall below acceptable standards of professional competence- or the Solicitor is negligent or fails to act in the best interests of the client then they may be liable for any loss sustained by the client.
Clients however, must provide all information and documentation pertaining to their case, so that their legal team can properly present a case. The Solicitor cannot provide a service unless he or she is properly and truthfully informed of the circumstances.
The practice cannot be held responsible for the services provided by any other professional instructed in your case, such as a Barrister or expert witness.
The practice carries the compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance required by the Law Society.

Money Laundering regulations
In line with the law we will apply procedures against the risk of money laundering. These checks will require the following documents and information to be provided before instruction can begin.

1. An official document bearing a clients photograph. Passport- Photo Card- Driving Licence.

2. Two recent documents- Utility bills - Bank Statement, which bear the Clients current address.

3. Cash payments exceeding £600.00 pounds per month, cannot be accepted for any services.

4. The source of any payments made must me divulged. (Usual Bank of Building Society account). Non UK bank accounts or one in the name of another party may be used, but this must be put in writing, along with the reasons for doing so.

Data Protection
This practice is registered under the Data Protection Act. Therefore, no information will be supplied to any third party except as may be necessary to properly conduct a clients case, to comply with current legislation or with the clients written consent.