Mediation Europe we have an educated team of certified family mediators helping clients who might be working abroad and need to resolve family related issues.

“I would like to thank you for your professional help and support during my divorce... your skill and tenacity and attention to detail throughout my case, enabled us to secure a favourable outcome against fierce opposition”
(Mrs C. (March 2009)

“Your sympathetic ear and understanding of my concerns gave me confidence at our intial meeting, and then your encouragement and enthusiasm for fighting my corner helped me realize that there would be light at the end of the tunnel and to get there’ Thank you so much.”
Anita- (Occupational therapist October 2009)

Thanks Ursula, great letter; it is refreshing to see you haven't lost your touch.... why use a hammer, when a mallett will suffice!?
Mark S. (Investment Banker, London (May 2010)

‘Thank you for all you have done’ Tony, construction worker, Newport Isle of Wight June 2011

-Sensitive Approach
-Forward thinking
-Years of experience
-Value for money